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Actinic Keratosis Treatment

Actinic Keratosis TreatmentPatients with actinic keratoses require at least annual follow up with a dermatologist. However, some patients may require two or three visits per year to adequately treat the numerous actinic keratoses present and prevent progression to squamous cell carcinoma. Multiple actinic keratosis treatment options exist, including application of liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) to solitary superficial lesions, topical chemotherapy creams and blue light therapy.

Actinic keratoses are common lesions with a malignant potential. Lesions are commonly found in sun-exposed areas of patients with fair skin types who have had significant sun exposure in their lifetime. About 10-20% of the lesions progress to squamous cell carcinoma over several years. Progression to squamous cell carcinoma is much more common in immunosuppressed patients.

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