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Eczema Treatment

Eczema Treatment (Atopic Dermatitis)Eczema Treatment typically includes a gentle/dry skin care routine and should be implemented daily in caring for and preventing flares of eczema. Topical anti-inflammatory medications are used to manage mild flares. In cases of severe eczema, one may require systemic medications.

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, characterized by itching, redness, and scaly plaques affecting almost any part of the body. It usually starts in infancy and continues into childhood. Many people eventually grow out of eczema, but others continue to have it to some degree into adulthood.

In infants, eczema tends to involve the extensor surfaces, such as elbows and face. As children get a little older, the areas of involvement shift to flexural surfaces, such as the insides of the elbows and behind the knees in addition to the trunk. In adults, any body surface area can be involved. Eczema can greatly affect one’s quality of life, especially due to the severe itching and secondary infections as a result of poorly controlled symptoms or flaring.

Several studies have emphasized the link between eczema and other atopic disorders, including asthma and hay fever. More recent studies indicate possible links between eczema and other nonatopic disorders, such as sleep disturbance, attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder and mental health disorders, suggesting an even more profound effect of this disease.

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