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Mole Treatment

Mole TreatmentMole Treatment consists of an annual total body skin exam for early detection and treatment. Individuals with personal or family history of melanoma, history of immunosuppression or organ transplant should be seen more frequently.

Moles are common skin growths composed of pigment-producing cells. Almost everyone has a few to multiple moles. Some moles are present at birth or appear during early infancy. Others are acquired during early adulthood. Most acquired moles appear on sun-exposed skin.
Moles are usually asymptomatic though may on occasion be irritated by clothing or external trauma. Most benign moles are symmetric, with a well-defined, regular border and a uniform color, with a maximum diameter of less than 6 mm. However, some moles may change in color, shape or diameter over time. Such moles should be biopsied to rule out malignant transformation (i.e. melanoma).

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