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Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea TreatmentsRosacea is a common facial eruption of the forehead, cheeks and nose characterized by redness, flushing, blushing, dilated capillaries and inflammatory acne-like lesions. It usually affects individuals over the age of 30. Sometimes it can affect the eyes, causing dryness, redness of the conjunctivae and inflammation of the eyelids. Another complication is the development of a bulbous nose (rhinophyma) which occurs predominantly in males.

The cause of rosacea remains unknown. Exacerbating factors include sun exposure, heat, ingestion of alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine. Topical and systemic rosacea treatments can be effective and control the above signs or symptoms. Laser treatments can also be effective depending on the type of rosacea.

Rosacea can be a source of social embarrassment and lack of self-confidence; therefore, appropriate management is important. Please call us at 630-596-8045 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today. Dr. Basko and her team will set realistic expectations and formulate an expert plan for you to manage your rosacea.